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  • Care delays occur in approximately 25 percent of all patients regardless of care setting due to the inability to establish IV access.
  • Estimates range from 300-500 million IV placements per year in the U.S., with one in three attempts resulting in failure in adults, and one in two attempts resulting in failure in pediatrics.
  • That translates to 50% failure in pediatrics.
  • The failure rate of vein punctures ranges from 10% to 40% with critically ill patients, where time is of the essence and vein punctures are challenging.
  • The new Vein-Eye Carry has been designed to image the veins of all patients, including the most difficult patients: obese patients, newborn children and very dark-skinned patients. 
  • Drawing blood or placing an IV can be dangerous to both the patient and healthcare practitioner if the patient has Ebola, AIDS, SARS, Measles, Chicken Pox or Tuberculosis.   

Industry forecasts are that “image guidance systems” will increase the success rate of IV placements in difficult patients by 50%-80%

The Vein-Eye® Carry is FDA registered, has the CE Marking, and has been certified and approved according to the IEC 60601 standards for product and electrical safety. 



Watch the Vein-Eye technology in use for sclerotherapy




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